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Business Partner Program Benefits 

  • Priority access to meeting room spaces 
  • Prototyping staff assistance
  • Business development classes
  • Individual membership for owner and employee


Membership is offered to your employees as a 100% tax deductible HR Benefit. 712 Innovations provides you brochures for existing employees in print or digital format, and will provide materials for HR to include with new hire packets. As a sponsoring business, you may optionally allow employees to extend the benefit to their family, as well. As a 501(c)3 employees don’t need to worry about this benefit being taxed as income* – you may simply treat the benefit as a result of a partnership and charitable contribution.

You only pay for employees who use the benefit, and we generate employee buy-in to encourage purposeful participation. Employees themselves are responsible for a $25 application fee – which encourages buy in from staff, and reduces under-used memberships. At any time that an employee leaves – just notify us and we will offer to convert their membership to a self-paid membership.

Your employees are treated as full, equal members in our space. This includes access to all resources, restrictions on usage, and adherence to our rules. Our members represent the best and brightest of Topeka – which makes 712 an ideal spot to meet new talent for hiring, develop new ideas for products or services, and also to promote your services to our existing members.

Our mission is to enrich our members, and community. Why not teach employees to think like entrepreneurs, rather than see talent leave because of frustrations with opportunity? We will give your employees every opportunity to learn, grow, and explore their own talents.

Membership at 712 demonstrates our corporate values, allowing your business to enrich employees through offering a non-traditional workspace or after-hours experience in the heart of downtown.

Business Partner Sponsorship Recognition

   Nickle Level  $300 per month  –  5 Employee Memberships and Donor Wall Recognition

   Bronze Level  $500 per month -   8 Employee Memberships, Donor Wall and Website Recognition

   Silver Level $700 per month -– 10 Employee Memberships, Donor Wall and Website Recognition with logo

   Gold Level $1,0000 per month -– 12 Employee Memberships, Donor Wall, Website Recognition with logo and link to company site

To discuss how your employees can benefit from 712 Innovations membership please call

Aaron Neely

Membership Coordinator


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